Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coats, coats coats!

It might be warm this week, but it certainly isn't too early to think about cold weather apparel!  It's already September, and before we know it the leaves will be changing and it will be time to retire the grills and patio parties!  Fall is always exciting, and Gramercy Boutique is making it even more memorable with our incredible new arrivals of coats!  They are the first thing people see when you arrive, and a great coat can take any outfit to the next level.  Here are a few items that constantly amaze:

This Lauren Moffatt navy cape with red trim and gold tassels.  So cute!  Capes are so fashion forward and chic, and this one is classic in sleek lines.  There are open pockets in the front for your arms.  The thick wool will keep you warm while looking so glam!

Here's a picture of the cape from Lauren Moffatt's site.  Love it!

We are so obsessed with Shin Choi!  Everything that comes from that label is a perfect mix of refinement and artfulness.  Gramercy just received a huge shipment of Shin Choi items, including some amazing dresses, leggings, and, of course, coats!

Here's a great black one with mid-length sleeves:

We love the big collar and the thick, warm knit:

To treat yourself on really cold days, wear this amazingly warm Shin Choi brown coat.  It is 100% cashmere--it could not possibly be any cozier!  It features a silk lined hood as well and is belted around the waist.  It almost makes the thought of January a little more bearable!

Here's the cashmere coat again, from the front.  The color is a dark chestnut brown.

These coats are going so fast!  Khaki has tried to call designers to reorder but many are completely sold out!  Come get your unique winter coat at Gramercy today before they are all gone!


  1. love the navy/orange cape! That look would be great to be paired with boots for the fall!

  2. Both of those capes remind me of the fashion I'm watching in Mad Men!