Friday, September 24, 2010

Time for fall with Tibi

The weather we have been having lately on the Main Line has been so temperamental!  One day it seems to be crisp and chilly and we're sipping hot cocoa, and the next it is hot and sunny and we're pumping the air conditioning!  But the odd transition weather doesn't get in the way of obsessing over all the amazing cool-weather clothes we are getting at Gramercy--especially when it comes to coats!  Even with the warm/cool weather, we are definitely still stocking up on what we will need later!  

We love this simple and elegant charcoal grey coat from Tibi.  Kitty paired it with a simple turquoise linen scarf from Love Quotes.  We love the ruffles around the collar and front pockets, and simple metal clasp.  It's a perfect every day coat that pairs well with everything!

The ruffles on the back are so adorable!  We love this detail.

The coats we have at the store are selling fast, and most designers have run out and aren't able to fill any reorders!  So rush in today to grab your must-have fall/winter outerwear!

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  1. I love love tibi! This coat is so chic for fall, love the ruffle!