Friday, October 22, 2010

Designer Interview: Sheridan French

One of the things that makes Gramercy Boutique so special is our amazing cast of independent designers from around the world.  Owner and buyer Khaki Young spends all of her time combing through fashionistas in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, and everywhere in between!  We are so excited about adding a new category to our blog in which we can feature some of our very favorite designers in interviews!  For our very first interview, we decided to feature a new designer for Gramercy's spring collection--Sheridan French!  Sheridan is an AMAZING designer out of Fort Worth, Texas.  We love her use of color and prints to create fun bright pieces that are chic and casual.  She was wonderful and let us interview her to find out her inspirations and fashion favorites!  After reading about her, we are sure you will fall in love with her too...

Where did you grow up?
Fort Worth, Texas. Yee haw! I moved to Europe for 5 years during and after college, which I absolutely adored, but my whole family is here so I had to come back!

How did you become interested in fashion?  How did you pursue your interest?I have always been interested in fashion from a young age. When I was little I insisted upon dressing myself, and my mom has told me of several occasions when I flat out refused to leave the house without 5 or 6 scarves tied all over me. I was two! I started sewing clothes with my mother and great-grandmother in middle school, and designed my first collections in college for charity fashion shows, also helping with production as well as modeling. I then moved on to the Prada Press Office in London to learn the PR side of the industry, always dreaming of having my own label someday.
What made you decide to start your own label?  How did you go about it?
A friend of mine from college who did fashion PR in London actually turned in her resignation and moved to Bali to help me source! Can you believe that?! She had always wanted to be on the production side of things, and it was such an amazing opportunity that I would not have otherwise had (my son was only 9 months old at the time) that I had to jump on it and just see what resulted. 

Who are some of your favorite designers?  
Oh goodness. How much space am I allowed for this one??? I adore Oscar de la Renta. ADORE. His pieces are so out-of-this-world fabulous every single time I just can't imagine him ever making a misstep. There will always be a special place in my heart for Prada and Miu Miu given my work experience with the companies. Matthew Williamson for his brights. Theory for its brilliant simplicity. Ralph Lauren for his timelessness. Betsy Johnson for her outrageousness. Lela Rose because she's a fellow Texan! Does J.Crew count? Everyone loves J.Crew!!!

Where do you get your inspiration? 
Amazing fabrics...
Inspiration for the fabrics I select are always color driven; whichever shades and tones feel particularly inspiring or empowering at the moment make the cut. Inspiration for style and cut are purely lifestyle driven. I have to be in clothes that will literally take me from weekday school drop off at 9am, through grocery store shopping, through lunch meetings, playing with dogs, and date nights. Sometimes I don't have the luxury of time to change so whatever I throw on in the morning has to work through dinner if need be. Comfort and chic style are therefore key, and I have designed every single piece to reflect those two components. 

How do you work?  What are some must-haves for your workspace?
During nap times and late at night! I have to be in a quiet environment to work well which is tough with my lifestyle these days. Generally the baby monitor is next to me, my lab is at my feet under the desk, my pit bull is next to my chair, and my cats are on the windowsill. We have a good system going ;) 

Must haves for Fall?Well for me, it is maternity jeans at the moment! Generally though I would say a few fab scarves and some great boots - both heels and flats. I don't care what anyone else says - leggings are always great. Oh and I loooove slouchy loose beanies. I always try to find ways to continue integrating color into my wardrobe during the fall when people so often start to turn to blacks, grays and browns. Keep it fun!

What's your favorite scent?This is going to sound so lame, but my baby's breath is the BEST thing in the world. Oh how I wish I could bottle it! 

How adorable is she?!
What music gets you excited?  Inspired?Anything I can do the robot to. (I'm not telling you if I'm serious or joking...) As far as specific artists, my music taste really spans a huge spectrum of genres. I like everything from Faith Hill to Metallica to The Graham Colton Band to Boston and Bon Jovi to Wham. Ok pretend I did not include that last one. I can't listen to music when I am trying to work though so for me it is when I need a release. Windows down and volume up is the best way! My all time favorite songs are Colorblind by Counting Crows, Desire by Ryan Adams, and Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard :D Bon Jovi is my dream concert though.

What do you look forward to in the morning when you wake up?Seeing my husband next to me - (sappy alert!) his scruffiness in the morning is amazing - and getting a little kiss from him, and then heading upstairs to get my little piglet from his crib. 

Fave accessory?
A smile! Absolutely nothing can beat a real, genuine smile. (I am also yearning for a new double Bugaboo...I have a feeling that will be my favorite accessory. Geez I am SUCH a mom!)

What's the perfect setting for wearing your clothes?I designed them for maximum versatility in a myriad of social settings and situations. Looking cute in the carpool line, put together at a brunch, sophisticated yet fun for a meeting, and chic for cocktails in the evening. Really I think anything goes, but that is the whole idea of my collection and brand.

How do you come up with the prints and colors?I have always been interested in very ethnic and exotic prints and textures. Anything that stands out and does not look like the rest. My mother is an interior designer so growing up watching her pull together different colors and patterns was such a treat and a huge part of why I feel so comfortable when selecting fabric combinations. I can't wait until I have a home line! I also only lean towards things that really make me feel great. That kick up that confidence a notch, you know? 
A collage of some of her amazing pieces...

Thank you SO MUCH Sheridan for granting us the interview!  We love you, your designs, and we cannot WAIT to get them in stock for spring!!


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