Thursday, November 18, 2010

Featured Blog: Daily Cup of Couture

Visit Daily Cup of Couture any time, and prepare to be amazed!  The blog is a treasure chest of beautiful images and wonderful writing--enough to transport you far from your desk into a world of fabulous weddings, dreamy ensembles, and lust-worthy inspiration.  Caitlin, the blog's author, has impeccable taste and uses it to her readers with a daily does of elegance. We love reading about her ever-fabulous life--planning her wedding, darting off on vacation, or even simply musing on the perfect desk accessories.  She is such an inspiration to us--but what inspires her?  

Caitlin graciously allowed us to interview her for our own blog.  We are excited to bring you more amazing interviews with some of our favorite bloggers in the coming weeks.  And we are starting off on the right foot (a foot that wears Chanel ballet flats, of course!) with Daily Cup of Couture!

What inspired you to create your fabulous blog?
I work in the fashion industry and have always been inspired by many aspects of design. For years I have kept files and files of my inspiration (mainly composed of magazine tears) and realized that I would love to find a way to share them with others. And just like that I decided to start Daily Cup of Couture composed of all the beautiful things in life I absolutely adore. 

You are currently planning your wedding--how is that going?  Where do you get your inspiration? 
I must say that I absolutely LOVE planning my wedding.. I truly am one of those girls who has been waiting to plan her wedding all her life.. Some may find it bizarre, but for years I have kept wedding inspiration in my personal "design files" and I literally have every single issue Town & Country Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings from the last 5 years. From the moment I got engaged I have spent countless hours searching for the perfect inspiration that will make the day feel very much like my personal style. I particularly loving reading wedding blogs (Style Me PrettyMerci, and Snippet & Ink - are amongst my favorite daily reads) and wedding magazines (British Wedding Magazines are my current obsession). 

What is your idea of the perfect fun girls night out? 
There is nothing better than sharing a lovely dinner over bottles of champagne with my dearest friends. 

What is the greatest gift you ever received? 
My engagement ring - not only because it is simply stunning, but because I received it from the most amazing man in the world. 

Favorite flower, meal, cocktail?
Flower: Peony
Meal: Cheeseburger with Truffle Fries
Cocktail: Bellini

What is your favorite fall/winter trend? 
Sequins, Feathers, and Fur! You must have FUN with your wardrobe during the holidays.

What are you listening to right now?  What books, magazines, and websites are you reading?  
Listening to: Mariah Carey Christmas - yes already! (I LOVE the holidays)
Books: True Prep, I Love Your Style, & American Wife
Magazines: Town & Country, Vogue, Italian Elle, UK Brides, and C Magazine .. the list is endless.
Websites: Visit Daily Cup of Couture for a list of all the fabulous blogs I adore!

And finally, what is your favorite holiday activity?
While I truly love holiday shopping as it brings me great joy to think of the perfect gift for everyone on my list. There is nothing better than watching my friends and family open the gifts I have given them! 

We are so excited for Caitlin and her blog!  We wish her the very best with her wedding and everything thereafter!  She kindly indulged us with the many pictures in this post of some of her favorite things.  They are so gorgeous--instant inspiration.  We are so loving everything from their sense of style and glamour to the luscious color palette.  Be sure to read her amazing blog for more!


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