Monday, November 22, 2010

Lafco Candles are Oprah Favorites!

Oprah selected Lafco candles as one of her ultimate favorite things last week on her show.  Of course we completely agree with her, which is why Gramercy Boutique is currently stocked with them!   Lafco are made for every special room in your house, with scents ranging from Apricot to Lighthouse to Fresh Cut Gardenia.  Oprah says they are the perfect combination of scent and wick, and they truly are!

They are the perfect item to complete your Thanksgiving entertaining, and they will burn all day long (and then some!)  Stop by Gramercy today to grab your favorite scent, and pick some up for holiday gifts for family and friends.  Now that they have been named as one of Oprah's all time favorite things, they will be flying fast!


  1. Well, if Oprah loves it, then it must be great! Thanks for the tip!
    Lila Ferarro

  2. thanks for sharing! i have always wanted to attend oprahs show!

  3. love the candles...I could never have enough! thanks for stopping by & your sweet comment, keep in touch!