Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: A Huichol Bracelet in Every Color!

We are kicking off the 12 days of Christmas on our blog!  From now until December 25th we will be bringing you fabulous gifts, last minute stocking stuffer ideas, and amazing outfits to wear in these final days before the holiday!

Today we are showcasing these AMAZING bracelets handmade by Huichol Indians in Mexico.  The sale of the bracelets benefit their tribe.  Artisans hand-weave these delicately beaded bracelets using two needles, thread and beads.  The traditional designs signify historical and spiritual importance.  

Love the colors and designs--an instant splash of fun to any outfit!  The glass beads reflect beautifully in the light.  These make a perfect accessory or a perfect gift to a girlfriend or family member of any age.  Look brilliant while benefiting a tribe and helping them continue to make sustainable wearable artwork!

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